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Kary was a short-lived band of Murphy’s that released two albums–Light being the finale. Nonetheless, Light holds a special place in Murphy’s heart. It’s a record, he says, that never got its “day in the sun.”
“It’s near and dear to my heart. At the time of the release [in 2004], we were closing up shop as a band. I’ve always loved that record and I’ve always thought that’s a really nice piece of music. It was the first record where I came into my own in a production sense; of being able to say ‘this is pretty much the vision that I had and it’s one of those landmark records for me personally.’”
On December 9, Cape Records second release will be the debut album from Michael Terrance (aka Michael Murphy), called Underneath Everything.
Murphy was inspired to create a small record label because he felt there wasn’t enough space to create, and release, alternative music: the “odder” pieces friends might come up with while jamming that is outside of the mainstream.
“It actually started that way; just having friends and wanting to do some recordings with people that was different from a normal record–maybe an instrumental recording or something that’s maybe not the main focus of whatever musical career you’re building,” he explains.
Although the Kary’s Light rerelease became available on November 7, the official launch of Cape Records will happen at a launch party  on December 16, at the Marquee Ballroom in Halifax.
Murphy knows that a record label is a risky business venture, especially at a time when the industry is dominated by streaming services. But the veteran musician is quick to point out that he didn’t get into the industry to become rich.
“I mean, it’s always been a risk. It was never a way to make a lot of money, ever,” stated Murphy. “I think good music and good art is really important. And I just want to be a part of putting something into the world.”
So far, the rerelease of Light and the debut album from Michael Terrance are the only two albums under the Cape Records Banner. But Murphy sees more opportunity in the local music scene for future releases.
“There’s lots of great music; with friends playing a band and a lot of different people have side projects of different projects they’re working on right now. I’m also interested in securing new stuff for the guys in my band Postdata.”
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