Wexford motorists fails roadside drug test after crashing into the back of a garda patrol vehicle

Wexford Gardaí arrested a man on Sunday afternoon on suspicion of drug-driving after he crashed into the back of a garda patrol vehicle near Castlebridge.

spokesperson for An Garda Síochána said that the Wexford garda was “lucky to escape without serious injury” after a Citroen Picasso rear-ended it near the Wexford village.

“Thankfully the garda vehicle involved was a big Ford Ranger with a tow-bar on it,” a garda source said. “If it had’ve been a normal patrol car, the garda could have been seriously injured.”

A roadside drug test was subsequently carried out, which the driver, a middle-aged man, failed. He was arrested and brought to Wexford Garda Station where he provided a blood sample before being released.

The man’s sample has now been sent to the medical bureau of road safety for full analysis, but a spokesperson says “numerous charges are envisaged once the driver’s blood specimen has been analysed”.

Thankfully the garda whose vehicle was struck was not injured and he was able to return to work. Once again, Wexford Gardaí took the opportunity to urge members of the public never to drive under the influence of drugs.


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