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Dear Billy
UEFA Champions League Fixture – Real Madrid v Liverpool – March 15 2023
We understand Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is undergoing some redevelopment work and as a result, the capacity has been capped at just over 60,000 for season 2022/23.
It has been drawn to our attention that the ticket allocation for away fans, Liverpool, for the above fixture is in the region of 1,800. In addition, only 4 wheelchair bays have been allocated for fans with a disability.
We believe this decision to be in direct contravention of Article 38 (Ticketing) of the UEFA Regulations for the Champions League:
“38.01 – Home clubs must make at least 5% of the total approved UEFA capacity of their stadium available exclusively to visiting supporters, in a segregated, safe area. Tickets for that area must be sold in compliance with the provisions of Article 20 of the UEFA Safety and Security Regulations.”
In this regard, Real Madrid should therefore make in the region of 3,000 tickets available to Liverpool fans, not the 3% they are currently proposing.
There are examples of stadia being redeveloped without impact on away fans (Anfield and Barcelona) and this should be the case here.
Turning to the allocation for wheelchair users – away in Europe this is never good. Paris and Stade De France exemplified that when we received only 39 bays for UEFA’s showpiece event. Santiago Bernabeu, although under redevelopment, still holds 60,000 supporters. To allocate just 4 bays, and for them to be in the home sector, to wheelchair users from LFC is unacceptable, unjust and does not comply with the guidance nor the spirit of UEFA’s 2019 document.
We and the LDSA respectfully request you formally raise these issues with Real Madrid and UEFA, informing them that Liverpool FC will seek the opening of a disciplinary inquiry should Real Madrid continue to offer these reduced allocations.
We look forward to your support and response.
Yours sincerely,
Joe Blott
Spirit of Shankly
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