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August 4, 2023
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are two iconic staples of The Walt Disney Company’s magical image. Even the famous couple’s classic looks have become synonymous with Disney Parks. So, when they switch things up wardrobe-wise, fans love to clock the new Minnie and Mickey Mouse outfits and share in the fun.
It turns out that Mickey and Minnie have a style for every occasion – even Alaska! They’d never be caught in these rare outfits at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, but if you’re aboard a specific Disney Cruise, you may just catch a glimpse of the Mouse’s Alaskan fashion.
Credit: Disney
Tom from DCL News Today was lucky enough to embark on the Disney Wonder ship from Vancouver, Canada, on an Alaska Disney Cruise. And he graciously shared photos of the characters in their snowy best!
Minnie Mouse has traded in her recognizable red polka dot dress and adorable red bow for something a bit more practical on the icy seas. On the Disney Wonder Alaskan getaway, Minnie snuggles up in a warm fur-trimmed Eskimo dress. The long-sleeve, hood, and fur moccasin costume are specifically an “Alaska-only” design meant to help immerse Guests in the northern magic.
Credit: Disney, DCL News Today/ Twitter
Mickey Mouse also wears an Alaska-only outfit, but it looks far less warm than what Minnie Mouse is working with. Mickey is all business in a Fisherman costume! Mickey Mouse ditches the formality of his red pants, tuxedo jacket with tails, and yellow bow tie to get into the fishing culture known to Alaska!
You can’t miss him in his bright yellow fisherman getup, accessorized with yellow gloves and a yellow hat. Underneath his belted jumper, Mickey wears a green flannel shirt with rubber black and red boots on his feet.
Credit: Disney, DCL News Today/ Twitter
Guests aboard the Disney Wonder were thrilled at the attention to detail and happily took pictures with the VIPs in their exclusive outfits.
Which items in Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s wardrobe are your favorite?
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