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June 19, 2023
The Walt Disney Company is committed to producing live-action remake after live-action remake. And now, DreamWorks is even getting into the ring with their upcoming live-action version of How to Train Your DragonThe madness isn’t going to stop anytime soon, as Disney has already announced its plans for Lilo & Stitch, Bambi, and Hercules.
One thing fans are always worried about is how the live character will stack up to their cartoon counterpart. The internet was pretty freaked out when the CGI versions of Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle were released for Disney’s recent live-action adaptation of The Little MermaidAnd they’re already holding their breath, anticipating what CGI will do to the adorable cartoon Stitch.
Credit: Disney
Isaías Art’s made some of our worst childhood nightmares come true when he used his graphic design skills to simulate what a Mickey Mouse with genuine mouse attributes might look like. Isaías painstakingly replaces Mickey’s black fur with images of actual, textured rodent hair from his iconic round ears to his legs. Not… SO bad.
Isaías, rightfully so, replaces Mickey Mouse’s red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves with real world materials. Mickey ends up wearing shiny shorts and what looks like UGG-style shoes.
Credit: Isaías Art’s/ TikTok
It’s Mickey Mouse’s face where things start to get dicey. Of course the cartoon doesn’t have the proportions of actual mice, so after the fur is added, Isaías basically has to do some reconstructive surgery. He has to move mouse eyes onto one side of Mickey’s head, because they’re right next to each other on Mickey’s face. Then he has to stretch the fur over Mickey Mouse‘s oddly shaped snout. The elongation of Mickey’s nose looks truly painful.
See the ‘magic’ happen below.
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There are no current plans by The Walt Disney Company to make a live action Mickey Mouse-driven film, and I hope to the gods that it stays that way. However, Mickey will be in a new Disney100 animation short film featuring Minnie Mouse and Steamboat Willie.
For now, Isaías work is enough nightmare fuel for me…but I have to say, it definitely could’ve been worse. Here’s the before and after side by side.
Credit: Isaías Art’s/ TikTok
August 21, 2023
August 21, 2023
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