The ‘Guinnesseurs’ reveal the pubs serving Dublin’s best pint

A father and son-in-law from England, known as The Guinnesseurs, have revealed their favourite pints in Dublin.

éan Curran (61) and Charlie Reader (27), from Frodsham in Cheshire, have amassed thousands of followers online as they review pints of the black stuff across Ireland and the UK.

They travelled over here late last year in search of Dublin’s best pint and, of course, were flooded with recommendations for their trip.

“We were inundated about The Gravediggers and also The Brazen Head before our Dublin review. The pints didn’t disappoint – they were absolute creamers,” the Guinnesseurs said.

“We did up a list of recommendations from our followers and came up with a top five that got the most – the Gravediggers, Brazen Head, Bowes, Mulligan’s and the Harbour Bar in Bray.

“We rate the pints on visuals, we want a clean dome, the correct glass, taste must not be too cold. But main thing is that they’re creamy,” Charlie said.

However, it was Power’s Bar in Dunmore East, Co Waterford, which won their overall accolade for best pint in Ireland, thanks to some new technology.

“We found the pipes going to the taps in Power’s in Waterford make the difference. They use ‘Glycol’, a new system for helping beer travel through to the taps. They have the best pints ever down there,” said Séan.


The Guinnesseurs have built up a large following on social media

Following their visit to Ireland, has it changed their minds on the Guinness available in the UK?

“The pubs in the UK don’t get the gas pressures right, the temperatures are set for the lagers. We’ve had some terrible ones in Leeds,” said Charlie.

Séan added: “A bad pint for us is far too cold, a small head and a watery or bitter taste, it does happen sometimes but it’s rare, thank God.”

Séan’s family is Irish and The Guinnesseurs were born after their first trip over here.

“I’ve drunk it for many years, my family is Irish. I took Charlie to Ireland, and he’s been on the Guinness ever since,” Séan said.

“We would have the craic, just talking about the pints. Charlie’s brother is a videographer, he started filming our reviews and it completely took off.”

They now have over 640,000 likes on TikTok and 80,000 followers, including Instagram.

“We can’t wait to come back to Dublin for another review. It’s really all about having the craic with the locals,” Séan said.

However, Charlie added: “There are only so many pubs you can do before it gets messy. We had to have some orange juice the morning after in Dublin. We became ‘the juicesseurs’.”

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