The 20 best supermarket wines under €15

There is a veritable sea of wine under €15 swimming around in the aisles of your local supermarket. Much of it is grand, some of it very good. Having tasted my way through a lot of them, however, I can confirm that some of it really isn’t very good at all, particularly when you get down below €10. The whites often have very little aromatic character, and just have acidity levels to distinguish them; for the reds, my most common tasting note was ‘lean and mean’ and a lack of fruit, never mind complexity. Fine perhaps for a big bash if you want something cheap to crack open late in proceedings when no one is paying attention anymore, but not the kind of cheerful bargain to earmark for repeat purchases.

oday’s round-up highlights the latter: wines worth getting to know better, all under €15. I’ve mostly focused on core ranges available year-round, and have flagged any from seasonal or limited-run promotions. Many of those promotions are annual, such as SuperValu’s current Spanish and Portuguese wine event, or the French wine sales that hit the shelves in several supermarkets throughout September.


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