Sligo County Council announce road realignment works on the N16

Realignment works are set to commence on the N16 Lugatober Road in the coming weeks.

AM Civil Limited have been appointed as contractors for the realignment and upgrading of a 2.5km section of the existing N16 National Primary Road between Drumkilsellagh and Lugnagall townlands.

In attendance at County Hall contracting signing were Councillor Michael Clarke, Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council, Martin Lydon, CE Sligo County Council and John Lucy, Bam Civil Limited.

The Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council, Councillor Michael Clarke, welcomed the commencement of these works, stating that this is a substantial investment in Sligo, which will significantly improve safety along a very sub-standard section of the N16 in County Sligo, along with providing facilities for cyclists.

The project, which is funded by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), is being managed by the Sligo Regional Design Office in conjunction with Barry Transportation Limited. The Total Scheme Budget is just over €28 million.

A spokesperson for Sligo County Council stated that there are a variety of benefits to this project including improved safety for road users and will offer consistency in travel times which will allow for greater fuel efficiency.

This project will assist in meeting Sligo County Council’s Active Travel and Sustainable Transport objectives with the provision of dedicated facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The realignment will remove 19 existing direct accesses from the national primary route and improve visibility at all junction locations.

It will also provide a dedicated drainage system as part of the scheme which will remove flooding conditions that currently exist on the road surface.

Construction is expected to commence in the coming weeks and will involve necessary traffic management arrangements. Expected duration of the construction works is 20 months.

This project will be upgrading and providing the realignment of 2.54km of the existing N16 National Primary Road to Type 2 single carriageway standard.

Junction Improvements include the provision of a roundabout at the junction with the Drum Road and six simple T junctions, including two right/left staggered T Junctions.

Approximately 1.5km of the surrounding existing local road network will also be realigned and upgraded as part of the tie-in works.

The scheme also includes circa 1.5km of Vulnerable Road Users (unsegregated cycle and pedestrian) tracks located predominantly within the mainline verge space, interlinking as necessary with alternative offline routes.

There is one 15m clear span river bridge over the Tully Stream, one Vulnerable Road Users subway underpass and a number of culverts and associated diversions of existing minor watercourses and drainage ditches.

Significant earthworks operations include the construction of a large embankment of up to 18m in height, a large rock cutting up to 18m deep, and the use of a soil repository/borrow pit within the scheme extent.

Other works include site clearance, fencing and boundary treatment works, accommodation works, safety barriers, drainage and ducting, pavement, kerbing and paved areas, traffic signs and road markings, road lighting at roundabout, diversion of services and utilities and landscaping and other necessary environmental mitigation measures.


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