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Sam’s Club celebrates the 90th birthday of Walt Disney’s most famous creation with the launch of the new three-tiered Mickey Mouse cake.
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Designed specifically for the world famous rodent’s 90th birthday on November 18, 2018, the celebratory Mickey Mouse cake features three tiers of chocolate or white cake decorated to look like the famous mouse, right down to Mickey’s signature yellow shoes and iconic round ears.
Priced at $69.98, the Mickey Mouse cake feeds 66 people and is available now for ordering at Sam’s Club Bakery.
If a cake designed to serve 66 isn’t your thing, Sam’s Club is also offering a bundle of Mickey Mouse cupcakes, as well a Mickey Mouse cupcake cake, each for under $15 each.
Mickey first appeared in a test screening of the animated short film Plane Crazy in the spring of 1928, going on a few months later to make his first public debut in the short film Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928.
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