Roger Federer vs. Tomas Berdych: Fed Set to Dominate in 2012 Madrid Open Final – Bleacher Report

First came Milos Raonic, then Richard Gasquet, then David Ferrer and most recently Janko Tipsarevic. All were at the mercy of Roger Federer in his route to finish off this memorable 2012 Madrid Open run with a title.
Left in his way is Tomas Berdych in the 2012 final, as Fed-Ex is undoubtedly poised to come out on top when it’s all said and done.
Since the opening set of the tournament, which went in favor of Raonic 6-4, Federer has won every set to follow. He has dropped one set all tournament, and hasn’t entered a tiebreak in any set since his Round of 32 victory over Raonic.
It has also been interesting to observe just how dominant his play has been through each of the rounds, as if he is almost picking up steam the further into the bracket he is. The competition might be improving, but it seems there is no stopping this talent regardless.
In the win over Tipsarevic in his most recent outing, Fed boasted 25 winners in the win.
It is also evident that this is a place where Federer seems to have success regularly. In his last seven seasons, Federer has won at Madrid twice.
This would be the first time Federer wins the tournament in three seasons since the 2009 triumph, as there is no question this is a talent that has what it takes based on experience.
The other factor playing a role in this tournament for Fed is just how significant the result will be.
If Federer wins the 2012 Madrid Open it won’t solely be his first title in Madrid since 2009, nor one of his better performances of the year thus far. It will be enough to give No. 3 Federer the No. 2 ranking in the world over Nadal, a feat he has not achieved since getting bounced in 2011 by both Novak Djokovic and Nadal.
In spite of his talent, he is moving well past his prime. Fed-Ex knows as well as anyone that he won’t get many other opportunities to surpass either Nadal or Djokovic anytime soon.
Given his plethora of experience, titles and success as of late, there is no question Federer has his eyes well on the prize in this tournament and will come home with the trophy when it’s all said and done.


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