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Donald Duck has fulfilled his dream of replacing Mickey Mouse with a new dome cake available at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom.
Gaston’s Tavern is located in Fantasyland, near Be Our Guest.
The Donald Duck Dome Cake replaces the Mickey Mouse Dome Cake as Gaston’s 50th anniversary treat.
Lemon mousse with blueberry filling, citrus cake, and buttercream
This is super tart. The blueberry filling is like a jelly and the citrus cake base is on the bottom.
The texture of the mousse was granular, more like a flan or cheesecake. The top is flavorless dyed gelatin, and the texture is off-putting.
The citrus cake was dry and the flavor was artificial and stale.
The lemon in the mousse also tasted artificial. The blueberry flavor was mostly lost in everything else.
The white duck on top and the yellow stripe is the only buttercream. We wouldn’t recommend this, especially considering the price.
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A Baked Duck at Gaston’s… Should we warn Daisy to stay away during hunting season?
It was delicious you guys are crazy.
Nah, it’s not worth the price, you can get much better treats.
Disney isn’t trying anymore
$8.29 for something that is off putting. Shame on you Disney. Your chefs should wake up embarrassed!!!
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