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Rebels motorcycle gang constitution called 'juvenile' and 'poorly written' by NT justice
The Rebels bikie gang constitution has been made public by a Northern Territory justice, who slammed it as "juvenile, sexist" and "poorly written".
Justice Jenny Blokland sentenced sergeant-at-arms Shannon Althouse, 31 and president Andrew Summerfield, 24, on Wednesday to a collective 15 years in jail for ordering a brutal reprisal attack with hatchets and machetes on the wrong man, to which they pleaded guilty.
The attack left the unintended victim with serious injuries and psychological damage akin to post traumatic stress disorder, the court heard.
The constitution was tendered to the NT's Supreme Court in Darwin as part of police evidence during the pair's sentencing hearing, Justice Blokland said.
She said the offenders' senior membership of the Rebels gave context to the motivation of the attack, which the court heard left the unintended victim with serious injuries and psychological damage akin to post traumatic stress disorder.
"It's difficult to know what to make of such a document," Justice Blokland said.
"It's a most juvenile, sexist, authoritarian, and poorly written document, that if this offending were not so serious it would be regarded as a joke by most reasonable people.
"Unfortunately the offending here goes well beyond what might be anticipated by the Rebels' so-called constitution; the principal way in which regard will be had in sentencing to the membership of the Rebels is with respect to their future prospects."
The 21-page constitution lays out the Rebels' "six pillars of conduct": integrity, honesty, loyalty, unity, brotherhood, and dedication.
It also outlines extensive rules policing members' behaviour, from how to act around a fellow member's partner, to keeping quiet in the face of the law.
The Rebels have three mantras: "Give 100% to live 1%er", "yelling and rebellion — live Rebel die Rebel", and "why waltz when you can rock and roll".
The constitution also contains a 13-point protocol that includes rules regarding accompaniment of national officers ("never let your national officers or your chapter president ride to or from, any function, or the clubhouse alone … we DO have enemies"), commands members to never press charges, and reminds them to never make the club look bad.
The constitution contains extensive rules around the club's patch, how it is sewn on, when it is worn, and what is done with patches when members quit or "disgrace the club by being yellow".
Members who violate patch rules face a $200 fine for a first-time offence and a $500 fine for a second offence, with a loss of their patch upon a third offence.
There are also rules governing how members respect one another, the dress code, fines for fighting, penalties for lying, stealing, missing meetings, not attending club rides, and how disputes are settled.
There is also a lengthy section on for the partners and children of members:
"Members are responsible for their OL' ladies; members may not discuss club business with their OL' lady, cheating with other member's wives results in loss of Patch and Beat Out."
The constitution reveals that Rebels also have strict rules regarding drug use: needle use and heroin consumption are not tolerated, nor is the smoking of any chemical ("if it didn't grow, don't smoke it").
"OUR CLUB IS A MOTORCYCLE CLUB. If you're selling drugs you don't do it as a member," the constitution states.
There are also rules regarding motorcycle use: "All club members must spend a minimum of 15 hours weekly riding their Harley."
And members who are seeking a Rebels tattoo may get certain designs after a year of membership with full patch and in good standing.
"Full back tattoo is only awarded after ten years of full service," the constitution states.
Members who disclose Rebels information on social media face a $1000 fine.
"X-members putting Rebels MC business on social media will be hunted down and severely dealt with," the constitution states.
"We are NOT an Inter-net Motorcycle Club!"
Members are also warned about what happens if the violate the rules:
"Cross the line with drama of any kind, infidelities of any kind, or a weakness of character anticipate action to occur," the constitution states.
"Drama is a weakness that will NOT be tolerated … Respect your brother for who he is, not for who you want him to be. He has earned his place at the table and has earned his position of respect.
"So of you want to cause shit you will find it!"
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