Permanent jewellery is taking TikTok by storm: here’s what happened when I went to get a bracelet welded to my wrist

Some jewellery is intended to signify permanence and commitment on an emotional level; engagement and wedding rings, friendship bracelets — there are plenty of ways in which the jewellery we adorn ourselves with can create a narrative about us as people. So what does it say about a person who opts to get a bracelet permanently welded around their wrist?

he service, which launched last month, and is appropriately named Chained, is a venture by Heartbreak Social Club in Dublin 2, and the first of its type in the country. Ryan Kelly, who owns the tattoo parlour with Ro Graham, first saw the concept in action in 2019, while working as a tattoo artist in New York. Kelly had been toying with the idea of introducing the service, and when the online craze was brought to his attention, he knew there was a clock ticking on the idea.  “When I saw how popular it was, I knew I needed to act now,” he said.


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