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This year, the Walt Disney Company will celebrate its 100th anniversary. As such there’s sure to be plenty of big news regarding the future for the company ranging from the parks to the movies and so on. But despite the studio now being a century old in all that time there’s still one major thing they haven’t done. They have yet to release a feature length film centered around their most iconic character (and mascot): Mickey Mouse.

This is something that I first started to realize whenever A Goofy Movie would come on TV when I was younger. I would think to myself, “Wait how come Goofy got a movie but not Mickey?” I know there’s been some direct-to-video stuff, but I’m talking about a full-length theatrical movie. The closest he’s ever gotten to his own feature was his role in Fantasia. Even then, that wasn’t a movie centered around him. He just starred in one of the film’s main segments.

I understand that Disney is probably very protective over Mickey. He is their being their biggest icon after all. Even with the character about to enter public domain, they are still very iffy about anybody make a run-of-the-mill film about him. Given how much the character means to them, it would have to be something someone put a lot of heart and soul into. But I feel like there is someone Disney could look to that could finally bring the Mouse to the big screen respectfully

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Paul Rudish is an animator who has become synonymous with Mickey Mouse. Beginning in 2013, Rudish began releasing a series of shorts centered around Mickey and his friends that have actually helped introduce the characters to a whole new generation of children.

My niece and nephew were both first introduced to Mickey through these shorts. While I’m sure Disney wanted to keep Mickey as more of a wholesome character, Rudish’s interpretation was meant to be more in line with the original version of the character. This includes both his design and his more energetic personality.
Given the success of those original shorts as well as a subsequent series on Disney+, titled “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse,” I’m honestly surprised the studio hasn’t reached out to Rudish and his team to help develop a full movie. Their work actually seems to have made Mickey the most popular he’s been in decades. While I understand a film focused on the company’s mascot wouldn’t be an easy undertaking, given the landmark 100th anniversary the company is preparing to celebrate – and Mickey himself being almost 100 years old at this point – I feel like the character has more than earned the right to his own movie. The only question is: When will Disney realize that?

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