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What do ancient Mesopotamia, crayfish, 12-sided dice, house wrens, and the Illinois State University Big Red Marching Machine have in common? They’re all featured in Milner Library’s newest exhibit, Milner Library 3D Printing: A Five-Year Retrospective, which includes milestone projects from students and faculty over the entire lifespan of Milner’s 3D printing program. In addition to celebrating 3D printing at Milner, which recently surpassed 2,000 print requests, the exhibit will explain what 3D printing is and how the process works, alongside one of Milner’s 3D printers in action.
“For so many people, this service is their first experience with 3D printing,” said Paul Unsbee ’04, M.S. ’15, Milner Library’s director of IT services. “So we want to celebrate research projects, but also things that are just fun. You don’t need to be part of a class or a project to use our printers, so anyone can really just explore opportunities for what can be done with 3D printing. Until you actually hold the finished project in your hands, it’s hard to envision the potential applications.”
The exhibit will run from March 23 through July 21, 2023, on Milner Library’s second floor in the Benway Student Art Exhibition Area.
For more information on 3D printing at Milner, or to make a printing request, visit
Event Information
What: Milner Library 3D Printing: A Five-Year Retrospective exhibit
Where: Milner Library, Floor 2, Benway Student Art Exhibition Area
When: March 23 through July 21, 2023
About Milner Library Exhibits Program
Milner Library’s Exhibits Program provides a platform for campus and community partners to host and present diverse works of art, science, and culture. Milner Library pursues informative, interactive, and educational programs that support the University’s educational mission and reflect our vibrant community. Library exhibits and related events are open to Illinois State students, faculty, staff, and the greater community at no cost. For more information, visit


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