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June 14, 2023
Despite their lack of an official label, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are absolute couple goals. They’ve been together for, what…like a hundred years? Their love is true love, and no one could convince me otherwise. Until that is, I saw a TikTok video showing them at a Disney Park that made me wonder…wait, did they just break up?!
Credit: Disney
First things first, let me prep you for this video because if it doesn’t trigger your already deep-seated commitment issues, then it just might create some. So here’s the scene: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and their two good friends, Donald Duck and Daisy were strolling around Disneyland in Tokyo. They walk around the entrance, greeting Guests during the Park’s 40th-anniversary celebrations; everything’s normal.
BUT as Minnie is making her way out, she stops dead – mid-skip – because suddenly she’s seen it. Mickey Mouse is happily exiting hand in hand with Daisy Duck! What the duck!? Mickey Mouse freezes, looking between the two women with a gloved hand over his face. Guys, I’m telling you, he looks guilty.
Credit: @mandalodien, TikTok
Once hot-headed Donald sees this debauchery, he wastes no time. He marches right up to the distraught Minnie Mouse and takes her hand in defiance. THEN Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse skip toward the exit together, leaving Mickey stunned. Daisy is too sassy to care and touches Mickey on the nose as they part, but Mickey Mouse runs after Minnie apologetically.
BUT THEN, the real heartbreaker…Donald Duck and Minnie stop to boop noses, which is Disney for kiss!! This escalated so quickly. Daisy is frozen at this point, staring at the pair in shock. Mickey Mouse is totally losing it with his hand on his shaking head, doubling over. Then randomly, Pluto comes in, and it’s a whole thing. What a cliffhanger, right? That is going to be an unpleasant conversation back in Toontown.
Watch below at your own emotional risk.
Gossip Girl here…🤫 (The scene just keeps getting better and better) 😂 tokyodisneyland japan
♬ original sound – A L O D I E

I really hope these Disney characters were able to work it out. For my sake, if nothing else. Think of the children…
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August 20, 2023
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