Meitheal leaders in County Wexford are presented with achievement certificates

MEITHEAL leaders from around County Wexford converged on the Riverside Park Hotel in Enniscorthy recently for the presentation of Certificates of Achievement.

here are 21 schools participating in the programme with almost 300 students in the role of leaders.

What made the event extra special was that it was the first ceremony of its kind since 2019. The Presentation Choir, from Wexford, and musicians provided music on the day with many of the other leaders also playing their part in the ceremony.

Meitheal is a mentoring and anti-bullying programme which has been in Co Wexford post-primary schools for over 23 years.

Leaders are a friendly face for First Year students and provide invaluable support during what can sometimes be a difficult transition phase from primary to secondary school. However, the leaders also meet with their First Years on a regular basis throughout the academic year and are a trusted source of practical help and advice during that first year in secondary school.

To prepare for their role, leaders attend a training programme during their summer break delivered by Meitheal Coordinator, Tina Kelly, along with staff members from the Education & Lifelong Learning Team at Wexford Local Development.

The topics covered include:  Communication Skills and Active Listening; Conflict Resolution; Cultural Awareness Training; Positive Mental Health and Stress Management, and Team-building Activities.


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