Matthew McConaughey Movies You Might Have Missed

Matthew McConaughey now has a happy family and a successful career in his 40s. He made a successful transition from The Lincoln Lawyer to the True Detective. Now he’s on the list of most talented actors since his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Today, we will recommend some more good movies that stars Matthew McConaughey, that probably catch your eyes.

1.The Gentlemen (2020)

Guy Ritchie returns to the gangster genre he does best with The Gentlemen (2020), which stars Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Jeremy Strong. 

The film focuses on the clash of old and new gangs in Europe, and tells the story of a British drug Lord who tries to transfer his lucrative drug empire to an Oklahoma billionaire. McConaughey plays a drug Lord Mickey Pearson who wants to get out of his life, Michelle Dockery plays his wife Rosalind, Henry Golding plays a Vietnamese gangster, Hugh Grant plays a photographer who captures the deal and wants to threaten the drug Lord, and Colin Farrell plays a mixed martial arts trainer.

2.Killer Joe (2011)

It was a low-budget crime thriller by The Exorcist’s William Friedkin, and won the Golden Mouse at the Berlin Film Festival that year. The story tells the story of the ignorant young Chris owes a butt of debt, in order to get out of trouble he thought of a way is to murder his mother Adele, so as to swindle a large amount of insurance money.

Chris hired a killer Joe(Matthew McConaughey), a cop with a sideline in murder, but Joe asked him to pay first, but all this is far from over.

3.Sing 2 (2021)

Matthew McConaughey voices the koala Buster Moon in the animated film Sing 2, which released in 2021. Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) and his band of artists turn his new theater into one of the hottest venues in town. But he now has a bigger ambition: to premiere a  show at the Crystal Tower Theater in glittering Redshore City. Buster also plans to hire legendary rock legend lion Clay Calloway (Bono) to headline their show, though he’s never met him before.

4.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

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The Hollywood’s hottest actor and actress back then, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.The two starred in a blockbuster comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days in 2003 and won the hearts of audiences with their emotional acting.

The film tells the story of a beautiful writer Andy and playboy Benjamin start a 10-day love relationship for their own purposes, but in the process of getting along with each other, their love game turns to be true.

To watch this movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Amazon Prime access is available for purchase or rent, besides Amazon Prime, it is also available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and more platforms.

5.Edtv (1999)

The film tells the story of True TV, the largest cable channel among NWBC broadcasters, which has been in danger of declining ratings for the past two years. So the program supervisor Cynthia thought of an idea, She decided to create a 24-hour reality show to live broadcasting the daily life of ordinary people.

Ed (Matthew McConaughey), a clerk at a video store, is an ordinary 30-year-old man who never imagined he would one day become a household name on television. Soon, Ed’s name was heard all over the country, fame and money followed. However, as time goes on, Ed finds that his fame is not all good. The greedy people and the constant surveillance and restrictions make him want to return to the simple, happy and free life that he once had.

Richard Linkret once said that people often underestimate Matthew’s willpower to follow through. He was quite good at getting from A to B to C in a step-by-step manner, always having a plan, and being brave enough, bold enough, and cheeky enough to carry it out.

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