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United States Department of Agriculture
Risk Management Agency
Margin Protection is available in select counties for corn, rice, soybeans, and wheat in the states listed below.

Margin Protection provides coverage that is based on an expected margin for each applicable crop, type, and practice.
Expected Margin = Expected Revenue – Expected Costs, where:
Trigger Margin = Expected Margin – Deductible, where the deductible is 1.00 minus the coverage level multiplied by the expected revenue.
Coverage levels are offered from 70 to 95%. A higher level of coverage will have a higher premium rate. You may also choose to purchase Margin Protection with the Harvest Price Option (MP-HPO). Under MP-HPO, if the harvest price exceeds the projected price, the expected revenue used in setting trigger margins is reset based on the harvest price.

A loss may be paid if the harvest margin is less than the trigger margin. If there is a loss paid under your Yield Protection or Revenue Protection policy, the indemnity amount from that policy will be subtracted from any loss under your Margin Protection policy.
When determining the margin, two types of inputs are considered, those subject to price change as listed below, and those not subject to price change (i.e., fixed from planting to harvest). Inputs not subject to price change are not specifically identified, but include, seed, machinery, operating costs (other than fuel), and similar expenses. Inputs subject to price change are identified in the Margin Provisions and include the following:

Any indemnities owed will be paid when final county yields are available, in the spring of the following year.
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