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WORLD Radio – Kicker: Jules Verne meets Mickey Mouse
Georgia man rides all Disney rides at parks worldwide…in twelve days
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NICK EICHER, HOST: Two weeks ago, the clock started for Nathan Firesheets at Disneyland Paris.
NATHAN FIRESHEETS: Ride number one in the books.
Firesheets set a goal of riding all 216 rides across the 12 Disney theme parks scattered around the world…in just 12 days…including travel. Think Jules Verne meets Mickey Mouse.
Firesheets spoke with Orlando’s FOX 35 about his Disney Global Ride Challenge:
FIRESHEETS: The parks are the easy part. The travel logistics. That’s, that’s what the hard part is.
Since March 8th Firesheets has been to Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, the two parks in Anaheim, plus Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

FIRESHEETS: A lot of the enjoyment of this for me is figuring out how do all those pieces fit together into this giant puzzle of a trip to make it all work.
This weekend Firesheets successfully completed his 12-day trip around the global magical kingdom with his final stop in Orlando. We don’t know how much he spent on the trip. But something we do know: he learned the fun way that “it’s not such a small world after all.”
It’s The World and Everything in It.
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