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May 10, 2023
By now, it’s no secret that Walt Disney World is covered in hundreds, if not thousands, of Hidden Mickeys. But sometimes, they can even be found outside of Disney property.
Back in the day, before it was considered a fun game to find each Hidden Mickey, they were known as ‘Subliminal Mickeys.’ Of course, the Walt Disney Company put a stop to that name, branding them as Hidden Mickeys and challenging Guests to find as many as possible.
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The classic Mickey shape has been hidden all over Walt Disney World property by Walt Disney Imagineers. On attractions, in Resort hotels, and even in Disney Springs, Guests can always count on finding a Hidden Mickey if they know where to look, that is.
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However, Hidden Mickeys are also easy to spot ‘in the wild.’ It’s important to note that Hidden Mickeys found ‘in the wild’ are typically coincidences. After all, it only takes three circles to make that classic Mickey shape.
That being said, this one may be the fanciest, most historical Hidden Mickey in plain sight of all:
Watching the Coronation, I think the royal jeweller is a Disney fan or former park imagineer – hidden mickeys in the sword
by u/bazzanoid in disneyparks

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During King Charles’ coronation, one fan spotted a Hidden Mickey in the sword he was brandishing.
One fan cleared the air, writing, “I love hidden Mickeys in the wild, but that’s the Sword of Offering of 1820. A little before Disney’s time.” 
Another replied, writing, “So evidence Disney will invent time travel then.
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Of course, this was all in good fun, and time travel doesn’t exist. Yet.
But even if it did, we are not saying that the Walt Disney Company traveled back in time to forge a Hidden Mickey onto the Sword of Offering of 1820!
June 8, 2023
June 8, 2023
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