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Your privacy is getting more difficult to protect as technology advances. Whether you want to stay out of the reaches of Big Tech companies or want to keep an anniversary gift a secret, there are some things you can do. Tap or click here for three online privacy changes to make now.
One way to safeguard what you are doing online is to keep others from being able to see what you are searching for. Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy as it should be.
Thankfully, Google has finally finished working on a new privacy tool and rolled the handy feature out to Android users. Here’s how to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of search history on your Android.
Many of us use Google on our phones, and what you search for is stored in your browser’s history. If others check or use your phone, like your children or partner, you may not want them to see what’s in there.
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Perhaps you are planning a birthday party or purchasing a present for a loved one. Keep the surprise going by using Google’s new feature to erase the last 15 minutes of your search history quickly.
You can do it as often as you need for a quick and easy deletion option. You can also automatically delete your history every three, 18, or 36 months in the Google app.
You’ll need to be logged into the Google app on your phone and have it open to delete your history.
Deleting the previous 15 minutes of your search history is a good start, but you can protect your privacy even more. Here’s how:
Now your activity will be deleted automatically for the time you choose. Just like that, you’re on your way to taking back a little of your privacy.
No, thanks, I’m already a tech expert.
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