Guenther Steiner Has Just Given Mick Schumacher His First Warning – WTF1

Following Schumacher’s second big crash of the season, it’s safe to say the Haas Team Principal isn’t happy…
It was a painful for the weekend for the American team, as moments after an engine failure caused Kevin Magnussen to retire Mick Schumacher spun out of the swimming pool chicane and crashed hard into the barrier. We’re glad you’re okay, Mick, by the way! 

This didn’t exactly sit well with Guenther Steiner, who said: “With Mick we obviously saw what happened. It’s not very satisfactory having a big crash again. We need to see how we move forward from here.” 
After Schumacher’s last crash in Jeddah cost Haas almost a million dollars to repair, this crash is sure to tighten the purse strings even more!

Speaking to F1 TV, Schumacher claimed that the cause of the crash was because he went just “ten centimetres off line”. That’s about the length of a crayon, just in case you were wondering…
Should Haas start to think about Mick’s future in the team? Let us know in the comments below!
Who give HAAS their warning – surely the cars aren’t meant to split in two like they have done on more than one occasion…
they are ( quite literally a new regulation after bahrain that the car splits better ). so if anything well done to them for having a safe car design and keeping the highly flammable and explosive engine block away from the survival cell.
Engine blocks aren’t “highly flammable and explosive”.
Also the engine remained in the chassis, it was the transmission that got separated from the chassis.
somebody skipped physics classes it seems
All now designed to break away easier like it did after Grosjean’s crash
The car did exactly what it is designed to do. The driver on the other hand… Not so much!
Sorry Schumacher but I think you’ve had the opportunity your last name earnt you but failed to produce the necessary results! New driver incoming!
How exactly did his last name earn his place in f1? He won both f3 and f2 championships. He clearly deserved a seat.
They are designed to break apart like that since the accident with Grosjean in Jeddah. Part of the new regulations.
He just haven’t got what it takes, dispute his name, NEEDS TO TRY A SLOWER SPORT. !!! always be crash prone. !!!
Mick should be treated with more sympathy. Although he might be accident prone, but he should not be punished for budgetary reasons. Coming down hard on him by giving him warnings is likely to have a more negative effect. Given his circumstances in life, kid gloves might work better in helping him mature into the sport.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As much as I want Mick to succeed, he is not F1 ready. 2 years in a row in which he’s causing the most expensive damage and he even exceeded Mazepin. You can’t do that on any team and much less at Haas. That being said, for years Haas has employed the most aggressive and at times, reckless drivers.
Most? As in more aggressive and reckless than Max? Sorry but that’s far out right there!
I’m not sure what my comment has to do with Max. He’s worthy of a separate coversation. My comment was in terms that Magnussen, Grosjean, Mazepin and Schumacher (despite their speed or talent in varying degrees), wrecked a lot of cars. That’s on the drivers and the team.
Just saying I don’t find those as aggressive as is all.
😅 not being funny mate, but the only person max was crashing with was Lewis and occasionally being side swiped by bottas…yet this hear were 7 races in and oh look, no incidents from max while racing Charles and Carlos…even George. Lewis however has had several incidents with several drivers now…so explain to me how max was the problem 🤦🏽😅
And let’s not forget he is still the youngest person to ever drive an f1 car, so a few mistakes in the early years was to be expected, and he won his first ever race with redbull soo 🙄
Of course Max is never the problem. It was all Hamilton, always and forever.
Jesus, it’s insane how people gotta be such homers on crap. Them two are, will be again, very tough competitors, who give each no room. Therefore crap will happen.
As far as other wrecks/run ins, again, stuff happens. It’s not cricket.
This is about Schumacher not your hate for the GOAT.
Are you really saying that Verstappen isn’t unnecessarily aggressive? I’ve watched F1 for over 35 years, he is, without a doubt, the most ego driven and dangerous driver I have watched. Granted, he is better this year, so far. His true self will probably show, regardless it’s one year.
shut up already
I’m so sorry if I hurt your feelings, poor little dear.
I ain’t the whiny little hamilton stan who cries about the facts that max has some daring lmao. f1 isn’t golf lmao. it’s a sport where taking the biggest risks can pay off the dividends, not some baby formula BS
Max is nowhere close to as aggressive as Senna, first of all. Second of all, aggression doesn’t mean incompetence. For all his aggression, Verstappen rarely crashes. Mick isn’t even that aggressive, he’s just making a ton of mistakes which leads to these crashes. Third of all, shut the fuck up. It’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about and that you’re just trolling.
A little bothersome when someone disagree’s with ya, huh. Sounds as though you’re a mini-max. Go to a dictionary and look up unnecessarily.
Go back to school and learn the whole English language again.
I promise I will if you’ll take down that maxie idol in your bedroom.
touch grass lmao the second hand embarrassment we get reading your idiocy is insane
35 years should count Senna right? how come he is more aggressive than Senna? HE even said that he didn’t know any other way than driving risky and that whenever he attack he would go to the limit and if a crash happened so be it? lol
Remember back in 2007 when lewis was just as grow up..tts what champions do
Crash stats would help, but i’m not saying you’re wrong.
So you blame Lewis for somehow putting his car backwards underneath Max’ car despite Lewis driving forwards? Very interesting analysis – I really hope you don’t work for my insurance company!
*Let’s long forget about the age excuse since he is getting closer to a decade of F1 experience by now. Diving inside corners at speeds requiring the outside car to work as a bumper to make the corner is willful recklessness. It really doesn’t count as “early mistakes”, especially past your 6th season.
That’s Max’s fault yes, but I have no doubt that Lewis’ attempt on Max’s life by putting him in a 51G crash would surely play a role in that.
Lol, I think you need new glasses mate.
shush peasant, you don’t watch f1, you don’t get to talk
Only children think a discussion is about their tunnel vision opinion only.
Stay on a few more decades and you will get the chance to watch as long as I have now. Who knows, you may even have matured a bit by then.
kinda obscene how you claim to be a an adult and yet have the mental capability and sense of a toddler
Mick caused the most damage last season. It was at over 4 million. Max was close to the top too but only because he crashed out in silverstone.
And what about his deliberate crash in Monza . Just because he knew he couldemt clearly we know the reasons he drive dangerously for and why he never got penalised for . Was because he had his good friend race director . Pulling the strings for him . Roman got a race ban . Where max got nothing for similar driving . Crashed into Lewis on purpose in Monza . No investigation . Then Brazil . And the following race . We’re just dirty driving along with brake testing . It wasent just the finals race . But the whole season where masi was fixing things for max to win I even said early on in season . That something didn’t feel right with masi
Taking all the emmotion out of the argument how can you on one hand say that Masi misinterpreted the laws of the race illegally for which he was sacked and future radio access denied and then allow Verstappen’s win to stand? It was a farce. Verstappen in my opinion is not yet a legitimate world champion.
Your opinion and $1.50 will get me a medium coffee at Mickey D’s.
So Max was almost at the top despite running most of the time in the lead? I think that says it all, thank you.
Mick caused the most damage last season. It was at over 4 million. Max was close to the top too but only because he crashed out in silverstone.
Nah he crashes a lot but he’s not reckless like Mazepin was (and Kevin Magnussen in the past). Mazepin was hated for his reckless driving already in Formula 2 but not Mick.
I mean not reckless in being the type of driver who will crash you out. You’re right on that. I get the feeling that he’s not finding the limits on the car and that leads to avoidable wrecks. Again, I hope I end up eating my words. He seems like a nice guy and his name is needed to continue the racing legacy.
I feel as well there may be a little bit of unnecessary pressure from his last name rather than racing and driving without that extra weight on his shoulders (Schumacher name-wise)
Without that surname he would not even have made it to F1.
I like Mick, and he won both the F3 & F2 Championships. Last year he didn’t exactly have a “teammate” & certainly not one he could learn anything from. This year with K-Mag he does, AND he’s demonstrated that he can be quick.
I wonder if the people who are saying that he doesn’t belong in F1, are saying the same thing about Carlos?
I for one very much doubt Carlos on par with Kevin.
Kevin would be great in this year’s Ferrari or a Red Bull. Much better than Carlos for sure.
The difference is we have multiple years of Carlos actually being a good driver and beating his teammates that are considered good drivers meanwhile Mick has only ever beat somebody who paid for his seat
I don’t understand. You’re saying Carlos Sainz isn’t particularly deserving of a seat? I didn’t used to think he was great, but he’s proven it in spades. He outperformed the Ferrari last year and Leclerc I would say. This past weekend, two things really stood out: his phenomenal save on the front stretch and his extremely gutsy and decisive call on the tires (at Ferrari no less). His race craft and F1 IQ has been so exciting to watch. Easily one of the best drivers on the grid.
Has Guenther Steiner ever been photographed smiling?
Germans never smile.
He’s Italian
My mistake. He sounds German. He must be from the far northern region of Italy.
He’s from high mountains of South Tyrol…. Heavy German/Austrian influence, Deutsch is the primary language many families speak over Italian. Know a girl from same area, also has mostly a German accent despite being Italian.
Ya can’t take a chance on someone as young as Mick and not expect him to not make mistakes. It’s going to happen. Leave him in F2 etc if it concerns you so much. Then bring him back up. Seat time and experience.
If I’m not mistaken an F2 champion cannot remain in the division after winning it so there’s no way Mick would continue. He would have had to either make the move up to F1 or go race somewhere else
Mick is a paid driver through German sponsors. He shouldn’t be in F1.
no he isn’t
1&1 is a Haas sponsor solely because Mick is on the team. That is common knowledge.
Yes he is. 1&1 and Ferrari because of their relationship/history with his father.
I think the whole pay driver thing is overblown and often unfair to a lot of drivers. Look at the cars and team gear and you will see that a bunch of drivers bring along sponsors and money. Max, Lewis, Checo, Sainz, Alonso, Ocon, Schumacher, Zhou, Latifi, Stroll. And I’m fairly certain Norris has some gamer company sponsoring. I think Danny Ric is backed by some clothing company, not sure. That’s off the top of my head and I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m forgetting. Point being, pay driver shouldn’t be a criticism levied on all.
The difference is that the drivers that bring sponsors based on performance and the ones that bring sponsors because of their surname, nationality or their dad is the owner of the sponsor. Mick is driving on the back of his father’s accomplishments.
It seemed that micks car lost itself it wasnt over revved or under revved it didnt kick either, it just spun for no reason so u drive that
Mick’s last name carried him to an F1 seat with sponsor appeal, but his talent will end it. He seems like a great kid, but a team can only be generous for so long. Perhaps there are other driving opportunities for Mick outside the world of F1.
Mick Schumacher had plenty crashes in F1. Overall I count eight:
Imola 2021, Monaco 2021, France 2021, Hungary 2021, Saudi Arabia 2021, Saudi Arabia 2022, Miami 2022 & Monaco 2022.
Günther Steiner criticized him last year already after his crash in Hungary. I kinda hoped there was a technical malfunction that would have saved him this time but obviously not the case, so I can’t see him in F1 for too long. I’m sure he will lose his seat mid season to Robert Shwartzman or Antonio Giovinazzi.
I do think that Saints as proven that he knows how handle F1 racing car, he’s even make better times in some of free sessions before qualifications, and even at qualifications, his proven that, if the car can reach up to the end of the race with out breaking, he will get the podium as he did in Barcelona, unlike he’s team mate, yes, it seems like the mistake was made by the team on Charles, but still he as been proving that he can do it. Yeah I think Mick should take time of and learn more how to avoid crashing, and also learn how to control is speed on some parts of the racing track
He’s not very good at all. Why not dump him ASAP!!!
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