Government warns of energy credit text message scam

The Government is warning the public to be aware of a new text message scam that asks people to click on a link to claim an energy credit.

t said the link redirects mobile phone users to a fake site that looks like the official website, and anyone who receives the message is advised to not click on the link.

“We are aware of texts being sent to people telling them to click on a link to claim an energy credit. These texts link to a site that looks like There is no such scheme being offered by the Government and people are warned not to click on the link or enter any personal details,”  a government spokesperson said.

“Government departments and agencies or your bank will never phone, text, email or video call you unexpectedly asking for your bank details. Never give your bank details, passwords or personal details if it seems a bit odd or out of the blue. Do not engage with anyone who contacts you saying that they have your PPS number.”

“If you believe you are a victim of a cyber-crime, contact your local garda station and take screenshots of texts, emails or other communications. Some of the most common types of scams involve the use of fake emails, calls or texts pretending to be from real companies.”

People are being urged to check the URL or address of websites, and are reminded that all government websites have “” as part of their address. 

In Budget 2023, the Department of Finance announced that domestic electricity customers would get three €200 energy credits over the course of the winter. Two have been paid out so far, with the third due next month. 

On each occasion, the energy credit is paid automatically and customers do not have to apply for it.

“If anyone contacts you and says that they have your personal, medical or financial details do not engage with them, do not give them any personal information, do not click on any links in emails or text messages. The simplest thing to do is to ignore them or hang up,” the spokesperson added.

“If you are unsure if the contact is genuine, hang up. Find the contact details yourself of the organisation they claim to be calling from and contact them directly.”


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