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If your co-workers or friends don't show up within the first five minutes of your scheduled video call, you'll soon be able to blame Google for why you left early. The tech giant will start rolling out an update for Google Meet so that it will prompt you to exit meetings when you're the only person in it. Say, you log into a team meeting, but nobody shows up within five minutes: A notification will show up asking if you're still there and if you'd like to keep waiting or to leave the call. If you don't respond within two minutes, you'll automatically get kicked out.
Other services like Discord already implement similar measures to prevent wasting bandwidth. Zoom also has a time limit for idle meetings, but it lasts for up to 40 minutes. Google didn't say whether it introducing the new feature as a way to stop wasting resources, but the company is hoping that it can help prevent you from unintentionally broadcasting your video and audio feed. Regardless, you can easily switch it off if you don't want to be prompted to leave your meetings. The feature will be on by default, but you can go to General under Settings to toggle it off.
Google will gradually roll out the "leave empty calls" feature starting on April 11th, and it will take 15 days to reach all desktop and iOS users. It will also be available for Android users "soon."
Ryan Olohan was told there were "obviously too many white guys" on his management team.
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Inflation made the headlines through most of last year, for all the worst reasons: it ran far too high, peaked above 9% in June, and the inflationary pressures pushed down hard on stock markets. The Fed jacked interest rates up their highest level in over a decade, risking recession to fight the rise in prices. Today, inflation is still in the headlines, although the tone has shifted. The annualized rate is trending downward; the December number came in at 6.5% year-over-year. While this is good
Costco has a tremendously loyal customer base with an over 90% membership renewal rate worldwide and an even higher rate in the United States (92.5%) in its most recent quarter. Currently, Costco charges $60 for a Gold Star membership and $120 for an Executive membership. Executive members have been rising in importance for the company.
Johns Hopkins University professor of applied economics Steve Hanke shares his outlook on the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee decision on interest rates and the current state of the money supply.
Adani and his companies are facing accusations of fraud from a New York short-seller, threatening the group's shares and his fortune.
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While every market advisor will tell you never to try to ‘time’ the market, timing is still important for success. Investors need to buy into low prices, and to do that, they need to know when prices are low. This doesn’t necessarily mean low in absolute dollar terms, but low relative to a stock’s recent past performance. In recognizing that lower price range, investors can turn to Wall Street’s pros for help. The analysts have been busy lately, picking out stocks that are in their lower price r
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Shares of SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ: SOFI) leaped 12.5% on Monday after the financial services provider said it was on track to achieve profitability later this year. Meanwhile, total deposits at SoFi Bank rose by 46% sequentially to $7.3 billion. "As a result of this growth in high-quality deposits, we are benefiting from a lower cost of funding for our loans," CEO Anthony Noto said in a press release.
Shares of Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) were pulling back today on a pair of conflicting analyst notes on the stock. Additionally, the broader sell-off in tech stocks today also seemed to weigh on Shopify shares. Pinpointing the threat from Amazon's Buy with Prime program that is set to roll out to all eligible vendors tomorrow, UBS analyst Kunal Madhukar reiterated a sell rating on Shopify.
The global cloud computing market is valued at $369 billion and expected to grow 15% annually to $1.6 trillion by 2030
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