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Now you can have a tasty treat with zero calories with Disney Munchlings Plush characters. We found these delicious – and adorable – Munchlings in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom.
Recently seen at the 2022 D23 Expo, these Disney Munchlings come as baked, frozen, and sweet treats. Select characters and collections can also be found on shopDisney.com.
No wonder Mickey Mouse is smiling and winking, he is everyone’s favorite breakfast treat – a cinnamon bun.
Mickey is covered in camel fabric (polyester) with a tan face, brown eyes and rosy blush pink cheeks. White icing drips down all around his head and he is sporting a cinnamon bun hat. His ears are also cinnamon buns accented with squggled white icing.
The camel fabric continues around the back along with the dripping white icing and cinnamon bun hat. Cinnamon Bun Mickey, part of the Disney Munchlings Baked Treats Scented Plush Collection, is stuffed with scented pellets. When we visited, we found he had a faint cinnamon bun/funnel cake smell.
A closer look at Mickey’s cinnamon bun hat shows detailed plush sculpting and embroidered features.
How delicious does Minnie Mouse look dressed as a strawberry cupcake? With a pale pink face, big brown eyes and pink cheeks, Minnie is covered soft chocolate covered fabric. The top half of Minnie is covered in pink and red sprinkles. She sits in a decorated pink scalloped cupcake wrapper.
Her “hat” is a swirl of pink icing with a pink polka dot bow and accented with a ripe strawberry. Her ears are also in solid chocolate fabric and covered in sprinkles.
The Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake Disney Munchlings plush, which stands 16″ high, has a prominent strawberry scent.
Stitch is always getting into mischief, so it’s no surprise he’s been made into a pineapple upside down cake. Covered in a peach-colored fabric with contrasting spots, Stitch has wide brown eyes, a cute smile, large two-toned ears and feet. On top is a pineapple ring topped with a bright, red cherry.
The peach-colored fabric and dark spots continue around the back of the body. A contrasting tan fabric lines the bottom of the Stitch Munchling. We also found that the Stitch Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Disney Munchling had a strong pineapple scent.
Standing at 18″ high, Stitch’s golden yellow pineapple ring hat is scalloped in white and topped with a cherry.
S’mores season may be over, but you can relive those summer memories with a Baymax Toasted S’more Disney Munchlings Scented Plush. Sitting between two graham crackers is an charming Baymax. He is covered in light blue fabric and has melted chocolate dripping down from the top.
The Baymax figure is generously stuffed with a polyester fiber and toasted s’mores scented pellets.
Baymax Toasted S’more Disney Munchlings Scented Plush features detailed plush sculpting and embroidered features.
Winnie the Pooh’s favorite snack is honey. So it only makes sense that he would be represented as a honey cake. This lovable round Munchling features Winnie the Pooh’s signature yellow fur and red pants highlighted by a white swirl icing with matching embroidery stitching.
With two soft ears and his hands covered in “icing,” the Winnie the Pooh Honey Cake Disney Munchlings Scented Plush has his golden yellow fur, red pants and icing swirl continue throughout the back.
See the sweet side of these Disney Villains as they are transformed into frozen treats. Inside is hidden one of seven mystery scented plush characters. With a black and white striped lid and shades of periwinkle, pink, and turquoise, this pint container is even as adorable as what is found inside.
Similar to Disney Vinylmations, the Disney Munchlings Scented Plush – Frozen Treats come in a blind tub so you won’t know which one you have until you open the container.
The Disney Munchlings Frozen Treats series includes Lotso Strawberry Sundae – Toy Story 3 (strawberry scent), Oogie Boogie Watermelon Gelato – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (candy cane scent), Maleficent Double Chocolate Mint Chip Cone – Sleeping Beauty (chocolate/candy cane mix scent), Hades Blueberry Jam Ice Cream Cone – Hercules (blueberry scent), Kaa Fudge Popsicle – The Jungle Book (chocolate scent), Pain and Panic Tripleberry Compote Popsicle – Hercules (berrylicious scent), or it could be the Mystery Character.
Each of the 4 3/4” high frozen treat plushes come in detailed micro plush sculpting, embroidered features with soft, squeezable fill and a fuzzy plush texture.
This bakery-style box of Disney Munchlings Mystery Scented Plush – Baked Treats also contains one of seven mystery Disney Munchlings plush characters.
Disney Munchlings is set against a bright yellow background while the center has that dusty rose color and “Baked Treats” with question marks encircling a baked good and the bottom is trimmed in turquoise.
The Disney Munchlings Baked Treats series, which are 4 3/4” high, includes Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake (strawberry scent), Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Bun (funnel cake scent), Winnie the Pooh Honey Cake (funnel cake scent), Eeyore Blueberry Muffin (blueberry scent), Stitch Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (pineapple scent) Baymax S’mores (chocolate/marshmallow mix scent), and a Mystery Character. Large versions of some of these characters are also available.
Rounding out the mystery box collection is Disney Munchlings Mystery Scented Plush – Sweet Treats. This “candy box” is decorated in bright pink, soft rose, and turquoise. In the center is a piece of wrapped hard candy with “Sweet Treats” and alternating question marks on the outside edge.
This blind box contains one of seven Disney Munchlings Sweet Treats. The series includes Minnie Mouse Peppermint Hard Candy (candy cane scent), Mickey Mouse Cool Mint Candy (candy cane scent), Chip Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle (chocolate scent), Dale Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle (chocolate scent), Pluto Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cup (chocolate scent), Goofy Chocolate Brownie Bar (chocolate scent), or a Mystery Character.
As with the other two mystery Munchling collections, the Sweet Treat Munchlings are also 4 3/4” high, and come with detailed micro plush sculpting, embroidered features, soft, squeezable fill, and a fuzzy plush texture.
Do you have a sweet tooth for these Disney Munchlings? If so, let us know in the comments below.
Check out the announcement of the Disney Munchlings Plush toys from this past D23 Expo:
First Look at Disney Munchlings Premiering at 2022 D23 Expo and Coming to the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Later This Month
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