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In celebration of one hundred years of the Walt Disney Company, Disney has teamed up with an iconic company to create yet another vehicle that nobody really wants.
As any Disney fan can tell you, merchandise is horrendously expensive. Whether you’re going to Disneyland Resort or ordering something from your favorite Etsy shop, you know that you are going to drop a pretty penny. But darn it, those tiny backpacks are worth it!
The Walt Disney Company is pulling all of the stops for merchandise when it comes to celebrating its 100th anniversary, also known as Disney100. There are more pins, cups, clothing, plushies, and figurines than you could shake a stick at. But there are some pieces of merch that Disney fanatics haven’t seen.
Hyundai has already announced that they will release an Ioniq 5 dedicated to Disney’s celebration. But now, an even more iconic vehicle manufacturer is stepping into the ring, although it’s a scooter instead of a car. That’s right, Vespa is making a Mickey Mouse scooter.
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In honor of Disney’s 100th birthday, Vespa is releasing a commemorative version of its Primavera scooter inspired by Mickey Mouse. The scooter is mainly black with red details throughout and a yellow wheel cover representing  Mickey’s shoes. There are also some great details throughout the design, including dozens of tiny Mickey Mouses (Mice?) throughout the scooter and Mickey’s signature on the seat.
That being said, the scooter doesn’t come across as too cartoony. It has a sleek design while still paying enough of a tribute to Disney’s flagship character. Compare this to the previously mentioned Hyundai Iconic Disney Platinum Edition, which barely resembles anything related to the media conglomerate.
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While this may be a weird choice, it’s not terrible. And you can own this unique Vespa for $4,699 or $6,049, depending on how powerful you want the engine to be. That may seem like a ton of money, but it’s not that bad compared to the traditional Vespa Primavera, which costs $4,399 or $5,749.
The Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa is still a weird piece of Disney memorabilia. That being said, it’s not bad by any means. It’s designed well enough to be cool and unique enough to stand out. The only question is if a Mickey Mouse-inspired scooter is worth it. Well, if you’re going to buy a Vespa and love everything Disney, you might as well chip in the extra $300 to show your fandom in style.
Do you think Disney should keep making vehicles? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!
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