Could HRT help more than just menopause? Studies show the drug could help prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s

After many years, books, documentaries and campaigns to educate women — and doctors — about HRT’s benefits, it appears the goalposts are moving again. HRT may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in millions of women at risk of developing the condition, according to a new study. Instead of simply being a go-to remedy for hot flushes, brain fog and joint pain, should HRT be used as a preventative health measure?

r Louise Newson, GP and menopause specialist believes there is a strong case for giving it earlier, certainly in perimenopause. “We give statins to help prevent people from having heart disease,” she says. “If people have an increased risk of heart disease or raised blood pressure, we don’t wait for them to have a heart attack to treat them — we often prescribe them statins or blood pressure lowering medications. Why shouldn’t we do the same with women and oestrogen?


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