Cheltenham Festival 2023 sees hotel prices in town rise by 670 per cent – Gloucestershire Live

Racing fans are paying almost seven times the usual price for accommodation over the four-day event.
This year's Cheltenham Festival-goers are facing hotel costs more than six times their usual price, as hordes of racing fans prepare to descend for one of the biggest dates in the horseracing calendar. Each year, almost 300,000 people are thought to arrive in the spa town for the four-day event.
Research by shows that some accommodations can see a price increase of up to £3,638 over the course of the festival, with the average cost of a four-night stay in town reaching an eye-watering £4,181 during race week on A huge hike in price from January, when the same stay would cost £543.
It’s a similar story on their competitor Airbnb, where prices jump 225 per cent to £1,640 for a four-night stay in Cheltenham during the Festival. To calculate this, a total of 2,660 Cheltenham listings were analysed on and Airbnb to calculate the average cost of a four-night stay in the town from January to June on the 14th to 7th of each month.
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By comparison, the cost of a 14-night holiday and all-inclusive Caribbean cruise would cost just £1,999, which you could luxuriate on twice for less than price of attending the festival, – especially when you add the cost of travel, food and drink, and tickets to the racing experience.
An spokesperson said: “It would be silly to not expect an increase in the cost of accommodation during the Cheltenham Festival, but racing fans will be shocked to see that they have cough up 670 per cent more for a room than at any other time of year.
"Racing fans may have to pay on average £4,181 for a room during the Festival, which would take a lot of things going your way on the track to cover.”
Average cost of four-night stay in Cheltenham
Average cost of four-night stay in Cheltenham


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