Camera happy Killarney photographer Marie helps Kerry Mountain Rescue

While Marie Carroll O’Sullivan is well-known for talent behind her camera lens she is also well-known for her generosity and kindness and this has now shone through with her charity donation to Kerry Mountain Rescue (KMRT).

arie put her considerable photographer talents to good use to help raise funds for the Kerry Mountain Rescue to honour the good work they do. 

“I knew the team at Kerry Mountain Rescue were expanding their base camp at Killarney Garda Station and in need of funding. It’s a mere drop in the ocean but it’s a dent all the same,” she said. 

This is not the first time that Marie has used her talents for charity and for the past seven years in succession she had raised funds for the Jack and Jill  Foundation alongside her assistant Collette Clifford O’Shea through an annual photo shoot for families with proceeds from the shoot for charity. 

The Jack and Jill Foundation had a special place in Collette’s heart as they played a part in her life when she lost her son at just 18 months.

But this year she supported Marie in her decision to change charity and help Kerry Mountain Rescue and they raised €1,500 for the charity through the photo shoot which took place just before Christmas. 

“I think it’s good to give back while we are here, no matter now big or small. Each and every family, business, girls group that walked through the door to have their portrait taken, helped me to help the Kerry Mountain Rescue in some little way. I love that quote ‘individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean’.

Without Collette and the support of the community and the use of the Christy O’Connor Suite at the beautiful International Hotel, it simply would not be possible. It’s not a huge amount but every little helps. As KMR’s John O’Sullivan said, ‘we’d be a while collecting at church gates to the tune of €1,500’ which meant the world to me,” said Marie. 


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