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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
by Paul Cashmere on March 14, 2022
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Prior to performing in Australia for Under The Southern Stars last week, the previous show Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played was in Athens in June 2019.

“It’s our first gig since 2019,” Robert Levon Been tells “We played our last show in Greece in 2019 and since then this will be the first time we’ve got back on the horse. Everyone has the jitters. I’m seen some friends play shows. It’s not until you are told you can’t play that you start counting the minutes and the hours. ‘Do I still have it? Can I still remember the songs and how they go?’/ We had a good couple of rehearsals where it all came back quickly. We haven’t lost that as well. The memory is still intact”.
Robert is cautious but thrilled that the music world is heading back to some sense of normality. “We finally get to move out of our own bubble quarantine world and we are lucky enough to play out of our sphere,” he says. “We are trying to bring back a sense of community for music and for people to feel like it’s not so post-apocalyptic. This eerie sense people have, it’s coming back together again. Open up the doors, it’s no small feat. I am very proud to be part of that.
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club setlist 12 March, Hastings
Red Eyes and Tears (from B.R.M.C., 2001)
Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (from Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, 2010)
Hate the Taste (from Specter At The Feast, 2013)
In Like the Rose (from Take Them On, On Your Own, 2003)
Berlin (from Baby 81, 2007)
Conscience Killer (from Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, 2010)
American X (from Baby 81, 2007)
Spread Your Love (from B.R.M.C., 2001)
Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song) (from B.R.M.C., 2001)
The next Under The Southern Stars is in Melbourne Wednesday on the Tennis Centre precinct.
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