Ask Allison: I am almost 30 and have no friends. How can I overcome my crippling anxiety?

Question: I’m writing this email to express how lonely I feel in my life. I will be 30 years old soon, which feels like a milestone age for me, and ever since this birthday has inched closer and closer and the impacts of the pandemic have hit, it has made me realise how lonely I am with no friendships of any sort. Ever since I started secondary school I have struggled not just to form friendships, but to speak to people.

ecause of some bullying and not learning any social skills, I have basically been afraid of people because I have feared the rejection, or looking like a fool. The loneliness has impacted all aspects of my life leading to poor grades in school, eating unhealthy food, having only an average-wage job and not exploring any hobbies or interests.


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