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Ask us all about an exceptional year for St John
June 25, 2022: As we celebrate St John’s Day, our Annual Report for 2021 is published and the latest volume covers an incredibly busy year for our charity.
For everyone at St John, the story of 2021 was one of extraordinary resilience, innovation and delivery in the face of an ongoing and unpredictable global health emergency.
It was a year when the hard work and hope of St John people prevailed, and – alongside our best efforts to return to something close to normality – our mission to improve community health was at the heart of our work in a whole new way as we helped vaccinate the nation against Covid-19.
With content covering almost 1.4 million hours of activity, the report has everything from infographics to our annual accounts, plus the first-hand accounts of volunteers and employees who were at the forefront of our pandemic response.
And it isn’t just Covid. Among the tales of support for the NHS and vital work in communities are details of how our longstanding programmes for young people have thrived against the odds, the launch of exciting new opportunities including NHS Cadets and Young Responders, and how we helped England emerge from Lockdown, plus insights into our new Ask Me campaign, work with Afghan refugees arriving in the UK and much more.
The published report is available to read or download here and we also have an updated impact report, giving a bite-sized overview of 2021, featuring some of the interviews and other video content we gathered over the course of the year.
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