Almost 15,000 Ukrainian pupils now enrolled in Irish schools, but rate of increase slows

There are now 14,931 Ukrainian pupils in Irish schools, but the rate of increase slowed last month.

he figure is up 449, from 14,482 at the end of January, according to the latest figures from the Department of Education.

The previous month, enrolment of Ukrainian pupils grew by 729 from 13,753.

In line with the pattern since Ukrainian child refugees started arriving a year ago, about two-thirds of the pupils (9,650) are in primary schools, with 5,281 in post-primary.

Current data indicates an enrolment rate of 91pc among Ukrainian children aged five to 18 years, with teenagers seen as less likely to be in the Irish system, as many are focusing their efforts on remote learning for domestic exams.

Regional teams known as REALT, hosted by the 16 regional education and training boards (ETBs), continue to support families in finding a school place and getting necessary resources for pupils and schools.

Many families have settled in hotel and guest house accommodation in popular tourist counties on the west and south coasts, with children enrolling in local schools.

But it is not known how many, and which, hotels and guest houses will renew accommodation contracts with the Government, leaving families in an uncertain position about where they will be living in the months ahead.


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