After: Love Saves Two Young People

In After movie, Tessa is a girl who always follows the rules. In her parents’ eyes, she is an obedient and good daughter. Her boyfriend regards her as a considerate and sensible person. All the teachers think of her as a good student who never breaks the rules. After entering the university campus, such a girl meets a boy named Hardin, who has a rebellious gaze, a flashy, handsome appearance, and always does things without hesitation. He is different from all the boys that Tessa has met before.

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Tessa’s first impression of Harding was not good, but as time passed, some of his unique qualities gradually attracted Tessa, and she began to aspire to become such a free person like him. In class, they argued about the work “Pride and Prejudice,” and later put aside their prejudices towards each other to better understand the true meaning of the two souls. They fell in love with each other since they had uncountable similarities. Although there was an interlude in the middle as Tessa thought Hardin’s love for her was just a game, finally, the misunderstanding was resolved, and the two reconciled.

The above contents are the plot from After(2019). If you are interested in it, you should enjoy the After movie?by yourself to better understand the magical power of love and get more info?about the detailed plots to appreciate this film better.

Actually, both of them encountered unfortunate events in their childhood. Tessa’s father suddenly passed away, causing life difficult for her and her mother. Hardin witnessed the person who was supposed to retaliate against his father but hurt his mother wrongly. Thus, he lost his beloved mother. The tragic experiences of childhood have always cast a shadow over their lives until they met each other. Love saved their broken hearts and showed them that there was true love in the world, which took them out of the darkness.

People usually say that those who have a happy childhood cure all unfortunate things later occurring in life, while those who have a tragic childhood require their whole life to cure their terrible childhood.

A happy childhood is essential for people’s growth. If you happen to have a tragic one, try to open your heart and find someone who truly knows you to get up. A romantic relationship may be a good remedy. As Hardin wrote in his paper, “I once didn’t believe my mentor said that love is the core of the world, until I met her who took him out of psychological shadow, then realizing that we both have the same soul.”

After movie?is relatively complete in terms of narrative and character design which plays a good emotional effect, especially in the processing of frame, mainly for the design and application of male and female love scenes. Not only is it progressive and obvious, but it also has a very artistic aesthetic.

The intention or theme of this film is that love is the core of the world, as mentioned in the male lead’s paper. It can be easily summarized and interpreted the as a world with love is colored, and a world without love is gray. What is advocated is a common belief in love for the world and an optimistic attitude toward life.

“My life before him was so simple and decided. And now, after him, there’s just … after” is a famous and classical line from the After movie, which depicts the romantic love after two main characters meet and reveals the theme of this film.

It is true that everything passed is past,?we should focus on the promising future. No matter what kind of bad things you have experienced in the past, you should save yourself from all the pessimistic surroundings and focus on what will happen next. Youth is obviously the most beautiful time in our long life process,?we should cherish the moment and dare to express ourselves and dare to say love.

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