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Get the conversation flowing over text or IRL.
When trying to get to know someone intimately, a classic game of “20 Questions” is the perfect way to do it. The flirty questions game from your childhood can be used in today’s dating world to get all the juiciest details you’ve ever wanted to know about your crush, and form a tight bond. (There’s even scientific evidence that shows asking personal questions can help two people feel more closely connected.) These twenty questions will help reveal the object of your desire’s wants, dreams, turn ons, and quirky habits.
The game is pretty simple. Just create a list of twenty questions, and ask your crush one question at a time. The game can be one-sided, or you and your crush can take turns asking each other the same questions from the list (either popcorn style or each person asking the other the twenty questions straight through). You can set your own rules for allowing players to skip turns (or multiple) if someone doesn’t feel comfortable answering a question — like a forfeit or a simple “pass.”
Now, on to the questions! Below, Bustle has outlined 60 (YWIA —“You’re welcome in advance!”) funny, deep, and flirty “20 Questions” to ask your crush, so you’ll never run out of things to talk about next time you’re hanging out.
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