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If the word 'cool' is wearing out its welcome in your personal lexicon, try these synonyms.
By Laura Hale Brockway • Mar 3, 2015 Originally published Mar 3, 2015
This story originally appeared on PR Daily
Now that I’ve started paying attention to it, it’s appalling how many times I use the word “cool.” I don’t use it in any formal, written communication, but I do most assuredly use it too often in conversation and and in text messages.
We’re all writers here, so let’s see if we can’t come up with a few alternatives to the word “cool.” (“Cool” as an adjective meaning good or excellent: “That Tesla is cool.”) Here are a few to get started, though not all of these will apply in every context.
1. Astonishing
2. Bewitching
3. Brilliant
4. Captivating
5. Charming
6. Copacetic
7. Delightful
8. Dashing
9. Divine
10. Distinctive
11. Dreamy
12. Dynamite
13. Elegant
14. Enchanting
15. Entrancing
16. Exceptional
17. Exemplary
18. Exquisite
19. Flawless
20. Graceful

21. Glorious
22. Groovy
23. Hip
24. Impeccable
25. Impressive
26. Incomparable
27. Inspiring
28. Irresistible
29. Marvelous
30. Polished
31. Profound
32. Sensational
33. Sharp
34. Shocking
35. Sophisticated
36. Splendid
37. Striking
38. Stylish
39. Unreal
40. Wonderful
41. Wondrous
How about you, PR Daily readers? Any to add to the list?
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