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The global pandemic has confirmed what many marketers already knew: the telephone is an integral part of the consumer purchase journey. That’s why many are leveraging call analytics platforms that collect, analyze and act upon the growing volume of caller data now being captured from the billions of inbound calls to businesses.
Given all of that promise, marketers are certainly evaluating these technologies and one crucial part of that process is the demo.
It’s important to set up demos within a relatively short time frame of each other to help make relevant
comparisons. Also, make sure that all potential internal users are on the demo call, and pay attention to the following:
Here are 37 questions to ask vendors during the software demo to help you gauge whether the tool you are evaluating is the right one for your organization:
Explore platform capabilities from vendors like CallRail, Invoca, CallSource, DialogueTech and more in the full MarTech Intelligence Report on enterprise call analytics platforms.
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