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Good conversation is the food for a healthy, thriving relationship.
Relationship research tells us that self-disclosure is linked with increased intimacy and happier relationships—that is, when couples share more about their inner worlds, they feel closer and more connected to each other, and their relationship becomes strengthened as a result of it.
So, the next time you’re bored or feel like your date night could use a conversational boost, consider using this time to get to know each other better. Remember: No matter how long you’ve known each other, how similar the two of you are as people, or how in love you are, there’s always more to learn about your partner.
Here are some ideas for what to talk about with your girlfriend or partner to spark interesting conversation, whether you’re looking for something deep, something dirty, or just something fun.
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Looking for more? Consider trying out the infamous 36 questions to fall in love or these conversation starters for couples. And when in doubt, there are lots of couples games to look into.
Kelly Gonsalves is a multi-certified sex educator and relationship coach helping people figure out how to create dating and sex lives that actually feel good — more open, more optimistic, and more pleasurable. In addition to working with individuals in her private practice, Kelly serves as the Sex & Relationships Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and she’s been trained and certified by leading sex and relationship institutions such as The Gottman Institute and Everyone Deserves Sex Ed, among others. Her work has been featured at The Cut, Vice, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and elsewhere.
With her warm, playful approach to coaching and facilitation, Kelly creates refreshingly candid spaces for processing and healing challenges around dating, sexuality, identity, body image, and relationships. She’s particularly enthusiastic about helping softhearted women get re-energized around the dating experience and find joy in the process of connecting with others. She believes relationships should be easy—and that, with room for self-reflection and the right toolkit, they can be.
You can stay in the loop about her latest programs, gatherings, and other projects through her newsletter: kellygonsalves.com/newsletter

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